Commitment Reputable Integrity Trustworthy are our promise

Vision & Mission

To become a company that is able to provide the best services to every clients, employees, and stakeholders.

To give significant contributions and be part of our clients’ improvement through our experience, development, and implementation of knowledge and technical skills

About the company

PT. SBS INDONESIA is a private national company established in Jakarta since April 2004. The company started with core businesses in maintenance services, such as: painting & re-painting, and also manpower supply with experience in Indonesia’s Oil & Gas and Geothermal industries.

Our manpower supply services are focusing in construction, fabrication, operation, turn around/shutdown, maintenance, and EPCI. We can also provide services tailored to specialized industries which requires exceptional/distinctive documentation, such as: Mining, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, and Power Industry in Indonesia.

We have extensive experiences in supplying highly skilled workforce and certified manpower to our partners. Some of the workforces are: Engineers, Welding Engineers/Inspectors, Safety Engineers/Officers, QC/QA, Inspectors, Process Engineers, Drafters, Foreman, Welders, Fitters, Riggers, Mechanics, Electricians, etc. Not only do we provide workforces, but we also provide the tools, equipment, heavy machinery, and basic competency training (if necessary) needed for the specific job in our services.

SBS Indonesia is committed to provide excellent services to our clients on a long-term basis. We believe, with a strong management, human resource expertise and technical skills, PT. SBS Indonesia will be a valuable partner in providing the best proactive services to both management and employees.

PT. SBS Indonesia works under the Indonesian governmental regulations and comply with the legal requirements for all manpower supply employments and partnerships.

Meet our Director

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Lukas Soebagyo
President Director

Meet the team

The members of the company that makes everything possible and done in time, presenting:
Administration, Project, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, and Messenger.